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Bridget Hoff's Bio

Bridget Hoff with her horse

Bridget Hoff was born and raised in Laguna Beach California. Her father was a gold smith and her environment growing up was her father's jewelry store, so from a very young age art was a part of her life. At the age of 24, Bridget started her own brick and mortar picture framing business and made her art work at night in her studio at home. In 1993 she sold the business and has been making her living off of her art ever since.

Her inspiration is from nature and a lot of her work she says is intuitive; "I feel like I'm the conduit and the work just comes through me." "Paper in the beginning was my passion; I love the textures, colors, and patterns and paper was the perfect medium for these things. Now I have moved on to found objects and things from nature and jewelry." Bridget has also been a wood worker in the past.

Bridget’s newest passion is jewelry. With her back ground being a “jeweler’s” daughter and her love for design, texture, and a mind that needs to keep creating something new, jewelry was an obvious path. She has never been formally taught and all her techniques are ones she has developed herself. As of present, Bridget has shown in 75+ galleries across the country. She has published a book entitled Paper Quilting, been in many magazine articles, and has been invited to be on HGTV. Bridget currently resides in San Juan Capistrano, California.